HOW-TO: HTC 6800/Mogul/Titan as USB Modem in Ubuntu

Posted by Quinn Madson | Posted in | Posted on 9:36 AM


sudo -s
apt-get install subversion
svn co … rndis-lite
cd usb-rndis-lite/
make install
vim /etc/network/interfaces
auto rndis0
iface rndis0 inet dhcp

Plug in the phone via USB. On the phone go to programs/applications and select "Internet Sharing"

PC Connection:USB
Network Connection: Phone as Modem

Click "Connect"

Fire up a web browser, should be all set.

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thank you for the post. I found links to it on several other forums.. but it does not seem to work for me.. command
"svn co … rndis-lite"
returns saying that there is something wrong with the destination file... anyone had same problem? ...or solution?