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Zimbra has a bunch of built in functionality for rendering HTML versions of calendars as well as feeds such as RSS. This keeps coming up with Zimbra users inside and outside of our organization. I'm posting it here for future reference.

For an HTML representation of a public calendar we use a URL like this:


The view=week is optional; I just wanted to show an example. The view defaults to a month view and can be changed by the user. If the calendar is not set to public, you'll get a permission error. If you want to show a private calendar, you can use something like:


This will show the free and busy information but, no meeting details. For your purposes, you will need to change "pantherlink.uwm.edu" to your Zimbra server and change "qkmadson" or "bmaas" to one of your usernames. You may want to take a look at this blog entry:


The show examples of how to use various feed options in Zimbra. For example, if you wanted to use RSS:


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