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Spent a few hours migrating from an old media server to a new one. For the most part everything went great except the MediaMVP running MVPMC would not load the dongle.bin.config. I assumed my TFTP server was mis-configured, the mvpmc commandline switches were wrong, etc.

No dice!

Found this wicked juju from: http://mlblog.osdir.com/multimedia.mvpmc.user/2006-05/msg00020.shtml
Reposting it here for posterity:


See my post in the user group. I've posted an incantation that allows the MVP to boot. The problem with this H1 appears identical to the same problem I have with my H2. I'm posting an update later on more findings I've had with long vs short power cycles and using MVP relay. Here's the reader's digest procedure to get a successful boot (from an H2):

After trying several experiments, the following sequence got me back to reliable time and time again booting (until you boot from flash again):

* Unplug the MVP for (I got it to work with a 90 second to 120 second cycle).
* After the 120 seconds have elapsed, unplug the ethernet cable (I think leaving it plugged in may help bleed off any capacitors)
* Apply the power again and wait for the MVP to get to the point where it complains about not finding a server and asks you to press OK to re-scan. You'll also notice that your "favorite server" has disappeared from the list.
* Power it down
* Plug in the ethernet cable
* Power it up (no waiting)
* You should get past the hanging last square
* When you get to the screen that states to press OK within 3 seconds to configure press OK
* You should notice that the MVP is re-scanning and your available server should appear on the list.
* Press OK to save the configuration (this takes a while and I suspect clears out any "bad" data that may be causing the problem)
* The MVP restarts
* You get to the screen with the 10 squares and dongle.bin.ver is requested and served at about the 3rd square. Then dongle.bin gets requested and served and now the text LOADING APPLICATION appears above the 10 squares and they all fill completely and stop once all full (NOTE: only one cycle and the LOADING APPLICATION seem to indicate that its working)
* There is a delay as the mvpmc application loads and screen flashes as it boots up perfectly.

Please let me know if this works for you as well...


It works ... as goofy as it seems ... it works.

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