Fixing bootloaders when dual booting OS X and Ubuntu

Posted by Quinn Madson | Posted in | Posted on 9:03 PM


I ran into a problem the last time Ubuntu upgraded either the kernel or grub (not sure which); Either way, it blew away my Chameleon bootloader and replaced it with Grub. Here's how to fix it:

  • Reboot from the iATKOS v7 CD
  • Deselect all checkboxes except the one for Install Chameleon
  • Install
Now you should be able to boot into OS X but, Ubuntu will be unavailable.

  • Boot from the Ubuntu Live CD
  • Open the Terminal from Applications >> Accessories
sudo -s
mkdir /mnt/r
mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/r
mount --bind /dev /mnt/r/dev
mount --bind /proc /mnt/r/proc
chroot /mnt/r
grub-install --force /dev/sda4

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